Weekend Confirmed Episode 57

By Garnett Lee, Apr 22, 2011 11:00am PDT

Like millions of happy gamers, the Weekend Confirmed crew eagerly jumped back into the joys of testing in Portal 2. But there's a lot more to keep guests EGMi's Andrew Pfister and Billy Berghammer, and Jeff and Garnett busy. Mortal Kombat has them in fighting spirits and a full report from Bethesda's recent spring showcase includes a deep look at the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Prey 2. There's also news of the next Wii hardware, codenamed "Cafe," and the brouhaha over Portal 2's ARG in the news before closing things out with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 57: 04/22/2011

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  • The Warning: Start: 01:09:31 End: 01:42:42

  • Featured Music "Ahead on Our Way (FF7 Cover)" by Haunted Shores: 01:42:42 End: 01:45:39

  • Front Page news: Start: 01:45:39 End: 02:26:42

This week's featured music is the track "Ahead on Our Way (FF7 Cover)" by Haunted Shores. Haunted Shores is Mark Holcomb (guitar) and Misha Mansoor (guitar and programming) and they are an ethnically confused project based in Washington DC. Hear more from them on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest Album, The Wait is Over on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page, and follow him on twitter delriomusic.

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  • I've never wanted to comment before this, but the crew's dismissal of Gears 3 Beta was enough to make me jump on for the first time.

    As a long-time Gears fan who hated Gears 2's MP, the Gears 3 Beta is EVERYTHING the community was asking for. The graphics, the speed, the new 'Omni-directional' movement, the re-mapping of oft-used controls away from the 'A' button, the re-balancing of weapons, great map design, the ability to now change weapons while roadie-running etc. Almost none of this was mentioned, instead, the segment devolved into a ill-informed and reductionist dismissal of Gear's MP in general.

    From Billy's inaccurate suggestion that the Gears 3 Beta has 'Perks'; to Jeff and Garnett's misguided assertion that the gameplay has devolved into a 'dive-roll fiesta' with everyone 'just mashing the A button, dive-rolling toward the enemy'. Anyone who's played Gears 2 will know that the 'roll-to-shotgun' tactic was nerfed when Epic included weapon stopping power. If people still roll straight at enemies in Gears 3, they don't know how to play and will get wiped off the floor, 9/10 times.

    Further, neither Jeff nor Garnett seemed to know that Epic has purposely made the dive-roll the same speed as the roadie-run in Gears 3, in an effort to mitigate the absurd 'dive-dive-dive' behavior of past Gears games. Crazy diving and sliding doesn't happen anymore (if you exclude wall-bouncing). Instead, what we have is a beautifully crafted mechanics-based 'dance of death' between skilled players who can now depend on a solid netcode. A well-played 'shottie-shuffle' between two experienced players in Gears 3 is some of the most exhilarating intellectual AND visceral gameplay available in today's gaming.

    And Garnett's take on the Double Barrel shotgun is childishly dismissive, evoking the same kind of opinionated-mentality that he himself is so quick to admonish 'forumites' as espousing. The gun's inclusion is definitely polarizing, but not ill-conceived. There are ways to counter it (retro-lancer, baiting etc.), and as Billy mentioned, the reload time is a bi***. At best you vaporise 2 dudes who are RIGHT in front of you. At worst, you mis-time and miss, wait ages to reload, try to do an 'active-reload' and fail, and OH BY THEN YOU ARE DEAD. It is definitely a fun gun to use, but not one for racking up kills, the Gnasher still reigns.

    I just wanted to add that the addition of the 'over-cover knock down' is also a wonderful inclusion not mentioned at all. In past Gears games, invariably two players would hunch down on either side of a piece of cover, each waiting for the other to try something, resulting in a stalemate. In Gears 3 Beta, however, a player can now vault over cover, kicking the enemy in the face and thus stunning them for a second, allowing the initiator to take the advantage and resolve the stalemate. What beautiful design! Such elegance!

    In fact, the only accurate statement made in that segment was Garnett mentioning that the Beta runs buttery smooth with lag 99% eliminated thanks to dedicated servers + improved net-code.

    Please, try to go just a bit more in depth before dismissing something that has been painstakingly reworked and thought about to reflect what (for once!) the community actually asked for. You should be praising Epic to the high heavens for their efforts, crafting perhaps the ONLY unique shooter in the current console cycle (just compare it to Halo, COD etc.).

    As mentioned above by bouxdag, Gears is definitely NOT 'just another shooter'. Hop online and play some more, stick with the Gnasher + Retro Lancer combo, figure out where the best weapon pick ups are, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it a ton. I'll even give you a guided tour Garnett, just friend me up !!!

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