Weekend Confirmed Episode 57

By Garnett Lee, Apr 22, 2011 11:00am PDT

Like millions of happy gamers, the Weekend Confirmed crew eagerly jumped back into the joys of testing in Portal 2. But there's a lot more to keep guests EGMi's Andrew Pfister and Billy Berghammer, and Jeff and Garnett busy. Mortal Kombat has them in fighting spirits and a full report from Bethesda's recent spring showcase includes a deep look at the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Prey 2. There's also news of the next Wii hardware, codenamed "Cafe," and the brouhaha over Portal 2's ARG in the news before closing things out with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 57: 04/22/2011

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Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 1: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:31:18

  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Start: 00:33:04 End: 01:08:29

  • The Warning: Start: 01:09:31 End: 01:42:42

  • Featured Music "Ahead on Our Way (FF7 Cover)" by Haunted Shores: 01:42:42 End: 01:45:39

  • Front Page news: Start: 01:45:39 End: 02:26:42

This week's featured music is the track "Ahead on Our Way (FF7 Cover)" by Haunted Shores. Haunted Shores is Mark Holcomb (guitar) and Misha Mansoor (guitar and programming) and they are an ethnically confused project based in Washington DC. Hear more from them on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest Album, The Wait is Over on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page, and follow him on twitter delriomusic.

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  • I have to agree with Jeff big time on Skyrim. I want it in my eye holes now. Put it in me.

    Also. I think Nintendo should be ragged on. They effectively turned away from the hardcore crowd to appeal to a wider audience. An easy sacrifice to make from a business standpoint for sure. Sure it went well, but to me the Wii is very alienating. The lack of HD and the whole Wiimote gimmick were interesting, and I never bought one personally. I do play Brawl when I'm with my friends, but only with a Gamecube controller, because there really only is one place I can get the Smash Bros. experience and that's on a Wii (unless I want to play Melee... which I don't.) That's sad. Imagine what Brawl could be with an online system comparable to XBL or PSN!!! Sure it's innovation with the Wiimote and motion control. Great. Good for you. But as they take one step forward, they might as well be taking two steps back when compared to Sony and Microsoft

    What I'm getting at is that it feels like they removed the hurdles for the average non-hardcore gamer, but in turn added hurdles for the more hardcore gamer. Lack of big 3rd party titles, a controller that is subpar and generally offputting in my opinion, and a real disappointing spread of iconic Nintendo figures, except for SMG 1 and 2. I have no interest in playing Skyward Sword unless I can use a Gamecube controller, and that's a sad compromise, one that shouldn't be happening in the first place. I'm not too big on Metroid, but all I heard was disappointment concerning Samus last outing. DKC Returns seriously could be a 3DS game!!!

    I don't have the time to devote to 3 systems, so nowadays I play mostly PC and 360. Wii lacks the grade A games I want from my investments. Also I don't have the money even if I did have the time. And, even if I had the money AND time, Wii lacks the appeal. I don't see why I would buy the Wii... and this is from a guy who grew up playing NES and SNES. I want to be loyal to Nintendo and these characters, but right now there is little reason to hold such loyalties when it feels like the company has none of their own.

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