The Witcher: Versus comes to iPhone

By Steve Watts, Mar 24, 2011 4:30pm PDT

EA's recently purchased mobile game publisher Chillingo released The Witcher: Versus on the iPhone today. Called a companion piece to the PC title The Witcher, Versus is a dueling game complete with RPG elements like skill and experience points.

The game requires iOS 3.0, but not an iPhone 4, so owners of older models should be able to lay the fantasy smack down. It costs 99 cents at the moment, but the iTunes Store calls this a "launch sale," so it may cost more after the introductory period is over.

On a completely different topic, Chillingo paired this with an announcement that its family game Cooties came to the iPhone today as well. It could be a coincidence, but considering The Witcher gave out trading cards for sexual conquests, we're going to assume it was a wink and nod at fans.

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