Resistance 3 introduces fan picture contest


Sony announced a new contest today to place the face of one lucky (and photogenic) fan into Resistance 3. The "Get in the Game" contest lets players upload their picture to the contest site for a chance to have their face scanned for a cameo appearance.

Entrants will improve their chances of success by looking like they're in the middle of or just survived a battle in the Resistance universe. Props are encouraged, and the entry form includes a brief section on why you deserve to be the winner. Entries are due March 11, and the finalists will be shown off on the competition page.

The winner will get a trip to San Diego, where he or she will be digitally scanned into the game, meet the Insomniac team, and play Resistance 3 before it launches. If you've been looking for something to do with all that fake blood leftover from Halloween, seize the opportunity.