Bulletstorm DLC 'Gun Sonata' Announced; Game Disc Required for Gears of War 3 Beta Access

Though Bulletstorm's North American launch was only today and it's not even out in Europe for another couple of days, publisher EA has announced the first proper downloadable content pack for People Can Fly and Epic's over-the-top shooter. What hateful timing! The 'Gun Sonata' pack, as it's called, will add three new maps for Bulletstorm's 'Anarchy' multiplayer mode, plus an extra two for the 'Echo' single-player score attack mode. On top of that, there's another two Leash enhancements, the delightfully-named "Flamingo" and "Pulp." Gun Sonata is slated to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 some time this spring for $10 (800 Microsoft Points). While EA did not mention a PC release in its announcement, Big Download confirmed with the publisher that there will be one. In other Bulletstorm news, Epic's Joe Graf has confirmed on Twitter that if you've pick up the Xbox 360-exclusive Epic Edition to score early access to the Gears of War 3 beta, you'll need to hang onto your disc to get in. Presumably it's to discourage Gears mega-fans from trading the game back in to a store once they're done with it. Further discouragement of used game sales comes, it turns out, from EA's ubiquitous 'Project $10' scheme. A single-use code is included with new copies to unlock six "bonus" Echo maps and another Leash, which otherwise cost $10 (800 MS Points).