Three Need for Speed Hot Pursuit DLC Packs Incoming

A trio of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit downloadable content packs will add new modes and cars to Criterion's racer over the coming weeks, publisher EA announced today.

The first pack, 'Armed and Dangerous,' will add two new modes to Criterion's racer. 'Most Wanted' mode is described as an "open world battle," with cops trying to bust one specific criminal while the others attempt to defend them. 'Arms Race' mode, meanwhile, is a race where everyone's armed with the full arsenal of weaponry. It'll be out on February 22, costing $7 (560 Microsoft Points).

The other two DLC packs both bring new cars, events and achievements. 'Lamborghini Untamed' will add three new Lamborghinis, while the 'Porsche Unleashed' pack will bring, unsurprisingly, three Porsches. They'll be out on March 1 and March 8, respectively, also priced at $7 (560 MS Points) each.

No mention is made of PC releases, as was also the case with the previous DLC. PC gamers, perhaps the closest you'll get to it all is watching the trailer below.

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