Smithsonian Invites Votes for Inclusion in "Art of Video Games" Exhibit

The Smithsonian American Art Museum announced in a press release today that public voting can help determine which video games will be included in its upcoming exhibit, "The Art of Video Games." User contributions will help determine which games are included in the exhibit, which is to open on March 16, 2012.

Voting starts today at, and will run through April 7. Users can vote for 80 choices out of 240 games chosen for their artistic achievements. The voting is categorized, divided by era, genre, and platform. The results will be announced in May, and the chosen games will be displayed as screen shots and short video clips.

"I want this exhibition to include the collective voice of the video game world, which is not limited to the developers, designers and artists but also the game players," said curator Chris Melissinos in the press release. "It is important to me that when gamers visit the exhibition, they find the experiences that most matter to them."