Weekend Confirmed Episode 47

By Garnett Lee, Feb 11, 2011 2:40pm PST

Garnett jetted in early Friday morning from Las Vegas where he attended D.I.C.E., saw the Interactive Achievement Awards, and played Duke Nukem Forever. He joins Jeff, Jeff, and special guest Andrea Rene host of This Week in Video Games and Mahalo Video Games Today. Up first in Whatcha' Been Playin? the conversation includes Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Stacking, and Hazard: the Journey of Life. A special edition of the Warning delves into some of the creative discussion points raised at D.I.C.E. sessions. And news on Battlefield 3, the Darkness 2, and major upheaval at Activision pack the Front Page to wrap it all up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 47 - 02/11/2011

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Featured music this week comes from our very own Del Rio. His first album, The Wait is Over, released this past Tuesday. On the show today is the track Oxygen featuring Panama Redd. And we've got a special deal to help celebrate the release. Buy the five tracks listed below on iTunes and Del Rio will send you the other six for free!


  • The Next Phase (Produced by Anon)

  • Move feat. M. Terrel, Mista Perkins, and Natalia

  • Wandering feat. Brian Mauleon

  • Can't Stop My Shine feat. X2

  • Pigeonholed (Produced by Gabe Dulek

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  • Now I Understand

  • Love Silly Me (Produced by RNS)

  • Oxygen feat. Panama Redd

  • Dreaming feat. Charissa

  • Wait (Produced by RC)

  • Small Town Hero (Produced by RNS

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

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  • I'm going to have to side with Jeff on the Angry Birds argument. Look, no matter where you stand, Angry Birds is just plain fun (to a lot of people anyway) and most importantly, it's a game that appealed to both the casual and "hardcore" audience.
    To discredit it just because it doesn't stand at a technical level is shallow and subconsciously puts us in that mindset of "Games must look great to pass the GOTY test" and sure it's a huge technical difference to lets say, Mass Effect 2 and you can liken the situation in movies where a short indie film winning the Oscars, but that shouldn't even matter in the first place.
    It's still a game and If it brings in the fun and gave an awarding experience to various groups of people, then it's proven itself already. Hell in an extreme case, if Zyanga somehow managed to make a great game on Facebook game that applied the same concepts and roped in the casual and "hardcore" alike then I wouldn't discredit that getting a GOTY either.

    Now my only problem is that if Angry Bird's had won, I would be confused. Because although fun, it was up against some really stiff competition. However keep in mind we were discussing whether or not Angry Birds deserved to be a GOTY nominee in the first place, not winning so pardon me if I sound a tad hypocritical.

    Now I have to bring up a question. That is, would anyone personally give a video game GOTY nomination to lets say, a technical, unique and original experience which wasn't really fun, but something in which no one has ever seen/played before? Or give it to something that was highly unoriginal, but truly fun and polished?

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    • Well, I'm of the opinion that "just plain fun" is as good a reason as any to at least nominate a game.

      My pick for GOTY was Minecraft, and that game has no story at all, it's fugly as all hell, kinda buggy (to be fair, it's not done) and not particularly deep - actually scratch that, it's as deep as the player makes it out to be... up to a point anyway. For me, however, it was overwhelmingly the most fun I'd had with a new game last year, and I still play it almost daily (my blocky world is starting to look like OCD crack!)

      Of course, Minecraft is a bit of an anomaly, as it's both something I've never seen before, and also truly fun. Under normal circumstances, I would usually go for something unoriginal, but well executed and really fun over something innovative.