Weekend Confirmed Episode 47

By Garnett Lee, Feb 11, 2011 2:40pm PST

Garnett jetted in early Friday morning from Las Vegas where he attended D.I.C.E., saw the Interactive Achievement Awards, and played Duke Nukem Forever. He joins Jeff, Jeff, and special guest Andrea Rene host of This Week in Video Games and Mahalo Video Games Today. Up first in Whatcha' Been Playin? the conversation includes Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Stacking, and Hazard: the Journey of Life. A special edition of the Warning delves into some of the creative discussion points raised at D.I.C.E. sessions. And news on Battlefield 3, the Darkness 2, and major upheaval at Activision pack the Front Page to wrap it all up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 47 - 02/11/2011

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Featured music this week comes from our very own Del Rio. His first album, The Wait is Over, released this past Tuesday. On the show today is the track Oxygen featuring Panama Redd. And we've got a special deal to help celebrate the release. Buy the five tracks listed below on iTunes and Del Rio will send you the other six for free!


  • The Next Phase (Produced by Anon)

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  • Can't Stop My Shine feat. X2

  • Pigeonholed (Produced by Gabe Dulek

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  • Now I Understand

  • Love Silly Me (Produced by RNS)

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  • I don't know if anybody else saw this rumor, but I thought it would be worth discussing since it represents the other side of the coin on the whole Duke Nukem discussion.

    Rumor has it that the new XCOM games from 2K Games is getting some big changes. Obviously, the die-hard fans that have been slagging the new game from day one for being an FPS are making like the newly-liberated citizens of Egypt, dancing in the streets and whatnot. They're hoping the game is essentially getting canned and replaced with a turn-based strategy game.

    I was lucky enough to see the full 20 minute demo of XCOM at E3 last year, and speaking as somebody that LOVED the turn-based games, I liked what I saw. Yes, it was moved to the first-person perspective, and yes, a lot of the strategy had been streamlined.

    But I felt the base-building, mission-selecting, tech-advancing, and resource-management elements were all represented in an intelligent manner through the 'homebase' and mission objectives. Plus, the visual aesthetic and atmosphere were dead on. So whatever the changes are, I actually hope they aren't too drastic.

    My thoughts on this game are the same as my thoughts regarding Duke Nukem Forever. Game design is always evolving,and while an exact replica of the gameplay people enjoyed years ago sounds nice on a nostalgic level, I just don't think it works.

    And IMO it's idiotic for fans and press alike to claim that Duke Nukem will suffer because it is stuck in old-school game design, and then turn around and say that a first-person XCOM is a travesty and the franchise should go back to exactly the way it was a decade ago or more.

    You can recreate the spirit of previous experience with modern gameplay design. In fact, it's the only way to do those cherished game experiences proper justice.