Weekend Confirmed Episode 47

By Garnett Lee, Feb 11, 2011 2:40pm PST

Garnett jetted in early Friday morning from Las Vegas where he attended D.I.C.E., saw the Interactive Achievement Awards, and played Duke Nukem Forever. He joins Jeff, Jeff, and special guest Andrea Rene host of This Week in Video Games and Mahalo Video Games Today. Up first in Whatcha' Been Playin? the conversation includes Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Stacking, and Hazard: the Journey of Life. A special edition of the Warning delves into some of the creative discussion points raised at D.I.C.E. sessions. And news on Battlefield 3, the Darkness 2, and major upheaval at Activision pack the Front Page to wrap it all up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 47 - 02/11/2011

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Whatcha' Been Playin?: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:31:58

Whatcha' Been Playin? and Cannata-ford: 00:33:00 End: 01:05:33

The Warning: 01:06:40 End: 01:42:34

Featured Music Del Rio featuring Panama Redd with "Oxygen": 01:42:34 End: 01:45:40

The Front Page: Start: 01:45:40 End: 02:28:05

Featured music this week comes from our very own Del Rio. His first album, The Wait is Over, released this past Tuesday. On the show today is the track Oxygen featuring Panama Redd. And we've got a special deal to help celebrate the release. Buy the five tracks listed below on iTunes and Del Rio will send you the other six for free!


  • The Next Phase (Produced by Anon)

  • Move feat. M. Terrel, Mista Perkins, and Natalia

  • Wandering feat. Brian Mauleon

  • Can't Stop My Shine feat. X2

  • Pigeonholed (Produced by Gabe Dulek

Get for FREE:

  • Now I Understand

  • Love Silly Me (Produced by RNS)

  • Oxygen feat. Panama Redd

  • Dreaming feat. Charissa

  • Wait (Produced by RC)

  • Small Town Hero (Produced by RNS

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

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  • I've gotta say, Andea's assertion that a "simple" game can't be considered a game of the year contender really got me worked up.

    Simplicity in any medium can be a sign of skill.

    As a musician, I'm never impressed by the bands that play the most notes. I'm impressed by the bands that are able to play the fewest notes, yet make a powerful piece of music.

    Yes, there is something truly impressive about a game as deep and complex as AC brotherhood or Mass Effect 2, especially when it comes all clicks.

    But that takes nothing away from a simple, elagent idea, masterfully exicuted.

    Angry Birds may or may not be a fair contender for Game of the Year. But I will say this: it captured more hours from me than Fable 3, Vanquish, Alan Wake, and a lot of other great games this year.

    Andrea's dismissal of a game, purely because it is 'simple', is a truly ignorant and closed-minded way to look at the medium.

    Thread Truncated. Click to see all 8 replies.

    • I think that one should first consider what criteria you have to hit to be considered "Game of the Year". Theoretically any game that comes out could be a "GOTY" contender. However I'm not big on the notion of "there can only be one", and would rather see this broken down to the specific genres/niche it is gear towards. I'll throw out two examples of differing entertainment media as to why I'm not a big fan off having a "last one standing" and whatever else I can think of.

      Since we've started with music, I'll start there too (though with a slight caveat).

      For music, I see the argument you guys are making. Unfortunately it opens up a different can of worms for me. For "economical" use of notes (I'm thinking Pink Floyd; nearly all their stuff, though for comparisons sake, lets say Dark Side of the Moon) versus the more grander and heavily produced (Smashing Pumpkins; particularly Mellon Collie). Both groups have obviously aimed for something grandiose and huge; akin to many of the longer/narrative-based games. However both groups as pointed out, have different ways of going about their craft.

      In this regard, the "less notes" versus "more notes" isn't quite and apt comparison for the mobile versus regular games, as this is really just more about arguing preference in technique.

      What is more apt though, is the intent of the game, and whether it shines through. The fact that its designed so you can pop on or off in a matter of minutes, to me is akin to you regular mainstream manufactured pop where its evident that its just there to make a quick buck. However the difference with the high quality mobile games (like Angry Birds), I see the comparison similar to your mainstream pop artist that knows the genre they are in, but is talented enough to bust through that preconception perceived of a pop-artist.

      However like with many things, it is difficult to lump those 3 styles into one overall "... of the year". Each cater to different audiences, yet there is no denying the quality of the work within what it is aiming for. I personally listen to many many different genre stuff, so it is near impossible for me to pick out "the best". Within the genre its easier as you have your comparisons, but in this case its like comparing apples and oranges. I feel that game developers are the same way where they just want many people to experience their games and enjoy them, over the title of goty.

      In my other example; movies. You have your movies like the Coen Brother's work where there is so much depth involved, versus either your horror movies, or action movies. The Coen Brother's work is obviously akin to the 'regular' games. Horror meanwhile is similar to the mobile games: there are so many out there since its cheap to make, but very few stand out as absolute quality work. Action movies meanwhile isn't known for its depth, but provides the thrills in the flash and the bang, like your multiplayer-based titles. That's also why it seems that the best picture nominees tend to be something that is drama based, but rarely other genre types.

      Again the three comparisons function well for their respective genres, but comparing them next to each other is another case of comparing apples and oranges.

      So I will agree with Andrea to an extent, but only because of the "apples and oranges" nature. It is more fair for "simple games" to be compared with others, like Game Dev Story, or Supermegaworm, or whatever, much like how I wouldn't put Vanquish next to Fable 3 or Alan Wake since they each serve a different niche.

      Like all artists, the developers just want as many people to experience their work, and if there is competition, it'll be against same genre games. I mean if you're an RPG fan, you're going to favor that genre over a straight action/adventure, just like it would happen the other way around, but as an RPG developer, you're competing with each other like-genre companies to get that RPG fan to have to choose.

      I'd rather compare one apple against some other apples, and one orange against other oranges. I love both, but to compare one type with another is a fallacy. Even with music where there are so many artists that are of high quality yet don't win the "big one". Yet you listen to their work because you enjoy it, not because of the "music of the year" title.