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By Jeff Mattas, Feb 10, 2011 5:00pm PST Inspired by Garnett's recent (if late) discovery of CD Projekt's The Witcher (and The Witcher 2's approaching release), I decided to go back and restart Geralt's first adventure. It had been a while since I'd fired up the game, but it's been at the top of my "favorite games I haven't finished, yet" pile for a couple of years now.

While the game is starting to show its age a bit (especially when compared to more recent, similarly-structured games like Dragon Age), I'm still really impressed as to how well the experience holds up, roughly four years after release. Of course, The Witcher has received significant presentational updates since it first hit the shelves, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still the best looking game that uses the Aurora Engine, even including titles produced by BioWare. If you're an RPG fan that somehow missed it, The Witcher is a game you should go back and play. It's only $19.99 on Steam, at the moment. Well worth it.

In a world where the shelf-life of your average game seems to be diminishing, what are some of your favorite games that still hold up several years after release?

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    Just Cause 2 is such stupid fun, and yet has so much potential too. It's obvious they wanted to make something like a proper sequel to Mercenaries. I hope they go all the way with the destruction for the next one, as well as having the budget to afford more than 3 tree models.

    Speaking of stupid fun, Two World's 2 is just that. The graphics are hit or miss, with technical stuff trying to make up for bad art. The voice acting is funny bad, but the writing is just plain bad. But who cares! It's fun to run around killing stuff, looting, and seeing the sights. With more experience and a bigger budget these guys could definitely go up against Bethesda and Bioware.

    Finally, there's a AssBro's Creed. God that game is beautiful, technically a little behind the times but the art direction more than makes up for it. Watching the sun set in renaissance Rome is just a sight to behold. Combined with the continued adventures of "the man who met every famous person in history" and randomly running around, smacking into people and stealing their money and it's definitely a worthy sequel.

    I'd better hurry up and beat these though. L.A. Noire, Duke, Portal 2, and Deus Ex 3 are all out soon!