Activision Unveils Beachhead Studio, to Create Call of Duty 'Digital Platform'

By Steve Watts, Feb 09, 2011 3:15pm PST

During today's Q4 2010 earnings call, Activision hinted at a digital future for the Call of Duty franchise, though the company was cagey on what precisely that would entail.

The announcement revolved around Beachhead, a new wholly owned Activision studio founded "to create an online community and suite of services for fans," according to Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. The platform has been in development for a year, and the publisher promises more details soon.

When asked if the planned service will involve subscriptions, CFO Thomas Tippl said the company is "not ready" to discuss details yet.

Only a year ago Hirshberg promised the company would "never, ever" charge for Call of Duty multiplayer, but the Beachhead plans seem more geared toward selling services and community features. The company also announced plans for a Chinese Call of Duty iteration, which would be free-to-play and microtransaction-based. Beachhead may be developing the groundwork for a similar model here.

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  • There is plenty of better games, i dont see whats the big deal about a milked to death series. When are people going to relise there are more games that are ALOT better then call of duty, the games are obviously aimed at the teenage audience, thus the bland game play and same old S**T. I cant see the point in buying the same game over and over again, im not writing this to rant or anything, im just curious as to why people in todays society would rather play the same stuff over and over, feeding a company that obviously doesnt give a damn about its customers, We all hate Kotick, We all hate activision, but people keeping feeding them. What do you guys think?