Rift Open Beta Begins Next Week

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 08, 2011 5:45am PST Following a string of closed beta events where invitations were handed out by the bucketload, a properly open beta test for Trion Worlds' MMORPG Rift will kick off on February 15 then run until February 21, the developer has announced.

Players will be able to check out the first 42 character levels from the PC MMORPG, across several PvP warfronts and a variety of zones and dungeons.

The open beta event, dubbed 'Telara the Merciless,' will begin at 10am PST on Tuesday, February 15 and end at 10am PST on Monday, February 21. Head thisaway to sign up. Following that, players who have pre-ordered will be able to play in a 'head start' event from February 24, leading up to Rift's release on March 1.

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  • This may be one of the first successful non WOW MMORPG's of the last couple of years none have had a very good run, good numbers at start but trailing off quickly. I dont see this being HUGE, but I think its going to do better than its brothers (except its big brother). I have played um all, and most just get boring after that starter gloss wears off. This one has a few tiny extras that seem to make it a bit "more" the class system is really not much different than other games, but its options can make you think you are really Customising your character and its fun..

    Success- yes, Huge success- no.. it wontbe going F2P in a year like all hte others.. at least I dont think it will.