Namco Bandai Announces Ridge Racer Unbounded for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in 2012

Namco Bandai showed off its current crop of games at yesterday's IGNITE event, including Ridge Racer Unbounded. Attendees of the press event saw the CG trailer yesterday, but now it's been unbounded for the masses to enjoy.

BOOM video 7960

The street-racing game is set for the Windows PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and the video gives a vague 2012 release window. The press release promises that this game will "shake up the genre" with an emphasis on destruction. Other racing games may bind their destruction, but Ridge Racer went and unbounded it.

We have our own theories on why Namco Bandai chose this name, mostly revolving around a thesaurus. But "unbound" would've worked fine as a substitute for "unleashed," so why they made it "unbounded" is beyond our ability to explain.