DC Universe Online 'Legend Plan' Offers Heroes & Villains Three Months of Game Time for $30 [Update]

By Xav de Matos, Feb 04, 2011 9:45am PST [Update: 5pm] A Sony Online Entertainment representative has confirmed to Shacknews that the promotional price offer for three-months of DCUO service will be available for users on both the PS3 and PC. The promotional price ends on March 1; however, those who select it will continue to be billed $30 as long as they are a subscriber.

[Original Post] Fighting crime and creating chaos throughout the streets of DC's most famous cities is getting slightly cheaper, according to the game's senior producer.

Wes Yanagi at developer SOE Austin announced on the PlayStation Blog, a new subscription offer will launch on February 8 for DC Universe Online, giving heroes and villains three-months of service for $29.99. According to the announcement, players will be able to "keep that rate for as long as you are actively subscribed." Three months of service is currently priced at $41.99.

It's unclear if the new rate will also be available on PC and whether or not it includes regions outside of North America. Shacknews has contacted Sony Online Entertainment for details; however, no response was offered at the time of publishing.

In our extended coverage of DC Universe Online, I discussed my experience with the PS3 and PC MMORPG. Though the game has technical issues, it's a fun adventure for fans of the DC license.

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  • sounds like a good way to trick get people to commit to 3 months instead of quitting after the first month.

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    • IIRC, Vinny and Jeff from Giant Bomb said in the last Bombcast that they already canceled their subscriptions, though part of that could be because they have to devote their time to playing other games. Before that, Jeff had noted that the leveling progression was insanely fast, where he was something like 2/3rds to max level after a solid weekend of play.

      It also reminded me of a part in the 6-29-2010 Bombcast where they were talking about APB:

      Ryan: "I feel bad for these developers that are in this space, though, because clearly, there's a lot of interest in trying to figure out something that kind of lives between the monthly subscription MMO model and the 'I'm just paying for the game in the box', and on the PC, it's kind of a weird gray zone, and people are excited about their microtransactions and other opportunities for that stuff, but it seems like it's a razor's edge with things like microtransactions before it feels excessive to the player and just seems like... I am playing 'ACCOUNTING: THE GAME'."
      Jeff: "And I wonder if anyone ever is going to figure that out, if it's going to take like, if it is going to have to be a generational shift. Like, 'We're all tainted because we remember Guild Wars and Diablo'..."