Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer and First Details Arrive

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 04, 2011 5:45am PST Battlefield fans, commence getting excited. Developer DICE today released a teaser trailer for its long, long-awaited Battlefield 3, along with a small trickle of details.

Battlefield 3 will boast single-player and co-op campaigns in addition to its trademark multiplayer, DICE revealed. Built upon DICE's new engine Frostbite 2, it'll also see jets and prone return to the series, not to mention 64-player multiplayer in the PC edition. According to Game Informer magazine, which has BF3 as its March cover game, the console editions will only support multiplayer with up to 24 players.

Hopefully mention of 64-player multiplayer will be of some comfort to PC gamers, after DICE announced yesterday that the PC editions of Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2's 'Onslaught' DLC had been cancelled so it might focus on BF3 instead.

Battlefield 3 is slated to launch on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall, published by Electronic Arts. You can, if you fancy, pre-order the $50 PC version of its Limited Edition now, though curiously its actual contents won't be revealed until "late February."

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  • Well I am a "less than average" plane/chopper pilot, and I think it´s a shame that 1 good plane pilot in BF2 can OWN the entire server even with excellent players as enemy infantry, tanks drivers and in the AA guns (Not a good thing for game balance if you ask me), also I am a regular commander..but...Please DICE, leave the planes and the commander seat in the game, those are the elements that make Battlefield the awesome game that we love,

    Don´t castrate the game in the name of the infamous "less is better" principle of console design, give us HUGE maps with at least 64 players, commanders, planes, vehicles, ability to go prone, LAN servers, (and PLEASE, give me a portable AA gun okibbthx)

    Also...Skill in the FPS genre is not only found in games with railguns and rocket jumping, try for once to kill a moving chopper pilot with an sniper rifle, or to repel a long attack of numerous enemy players (infantry and vehicles) with an squad of only 4 fellas, resolution, skill, and more important... Team play.