Evening Reading

Namco Bandai's IGNITE event in San Francisco turned out to be pretty interesting, full of new game announcements for 2011 and beyond. Some of the biggest news stemmed from the publisher's new relationship with From Software. In fact, the event kicked off with new trailers for Armored Core V and Dark Souls, which are making their way around the internet now. Those attending the event were even treated to a live demo of some Dark Souls gameplay, which (fans of Demon's Souls will be pleased to note) seems to be headed down the path of the bigger, better, and more devious.

And don't worry, while Dark Souls is a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, rather than a direct sequel, we've been promised more of the hardcore, tactical-action based hack-and-slash that made the first game such a breakthrough success. The developers also seemed to quite proud to continue the tradition of killing you repeatedly, explaining that they expect some players to "start laughing because they're dying so much."

I'll chat with Garnett and Jeff about it a bit more on this Friday's episode of Weekend Confirmed, so tune in for more details.

And, in case you missed it:
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