This Week on GOG: Space Rangers 2 & Return to Zork

Digital distributor Good Old Games has added another pair of vintage video games to its virtual catalogue this week, namely the FMV-tastic adventure game Return to Zork and the genre-spanning Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators.


Infocom's 1993 release Return to Zork will cost you $5.99 and just think--due to the magic of digital distribution, you won't have to scrimp and save for a CD-ROM drive to play! Though your 14,400bps modem might take a while to download it. A big bundle of earlier, text-driven Zork games hit GOG earlier this month, also for $5.99.

Elemental's 2006 sci-fi sim-strategy-shooter-RPG Space Rangers 2, meanwhile, is priced at $9.99. That extra $4 is for the privilege of not having to watch hammy acting.