Nintendo Quietly Reveals a New, String-Free Kirby

Brace your faces, Kirby fans. Nintendo has quietly announced a new title in the franchise for the Nintendo Wii and there are no strings attached.

The unnamed new installment in the Kirby series for the Wii was spotted [via Destructoid] as a talking point during Nintendo's third-quarter results briefing. The site, while providing very little in the way of details, shows off a quick clip of gameplay from what is presumably the upcoming title.

BOOM video 7836

The title is graphically more in line with classic games in the series. In the gameplay clip, the game's titular hero executes special attacks and classic abilities, such as transformations.

According to translation, the financial report notes that the new Kirby adventure will arrive this year; however, the report is most likely only referring to Japan.

Fans of the franchise, grab a paper bag. Hyperventilation is about to commence.