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By Garnett Lee, Jan 25, 2011 5:00pm PST On Monday a bombing at Moscow's busiest airport took 35 lives and injured 110 more sending shockwaves through the international community. Listening to BBC World Services on the ride to work this morning I heard Russian President Dmitry Medvedev blasting security at the airport as "chaos" and blaming the tragedy on that.

But as proof I guess of how westernized Russia has become, the government financed Russia Today has pointed the finger at video games (seen on The New York Times). If you played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 you probably know where this is headed. In it, the infamous 'No Russian' level depicted terrorists walking through an airport terminal wantonly gunning down everyone in sight.

Forget the fact that it's fiction and the implication blaming this particular sort of fiction would create for the six seasons of 24 alone. The part that disturbs me the most is how these tragic, gut-wrenching events get sensationalized like this for the sake of generating news. It essentially turns the awful events into entertainment as if they were nothing more than the plot of a TV show, movie, or game. But they aren't. Real people lost their lives; real families were torn apart.

We're long past the grace period for pulling this sort of nonsense. Stop exploiting these situations to create news drama. Much as we might want to rationalize things and have them fit into our perceptions of what makes sense, the raw truth of it has to be faced. Bad people did bad things. And they didn't train with video games. They trained with real guns and bombs.

And now, highlights from today's video game news on the Shack:

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  • super meat boy doesn't fuck around. the rapture is brutal. also i love how you can actually watch yourself improve in real time. levels that were difficult four minutes ago become a piece of cake on the 20th attempt.

    you go back and play the earlier worlds and just absolutely devastate stages. ripping through stuff that once gave you heart palpitations. eventually you hit a wall though - when that happens just play some dark world stuff. that shit stiffens you up quicker than mila kunis. play dark world 2 or 3 and then tackle regular 4, 5, 6...it will be a joke.

    also fuck buzzsaws. there is NO REASON for them to be that big :(