First Three Blizzard-designed StarCraft 2 Custom Games Go Live

Three new Blizzard-created StarCraft 2 game modes are now available for beta testing on Battle.net. Called Aiur Chef, StarJeweled, and Left 2 Die, respectively, the new game modes can be found by navigating to the custom game area after logging into StarCraft 2. The new modes are all in beta status, and, per the usual, Blizzard is soliciting feedback from the community.


Aiur Chef (inspired by TV show Iron Chef) is a "Free For All" collection/cooking game mode for up to 8 players. StarJeweled is strategy/puzzle mash-up that blends StarCraft with Bejeweled-like, match-three gameplay for up to four players, with the ability to take on the AI cooperatively or solo, or compete against other players. The third custom game type is Left 2 Die, an "Endless Night" co-op mode for up to two players that has you defending your base from the undead at night, while building up defenses and venturing out to destroy infected territory during the day.

Head on over to our StarCraft 2 custom maps preview from BlizzCon for a more detailed breakdown of the custom games that are now available for testing and feedback.