Konami Invites Fans to Submit Monster Art for Silent Hill: Downpour

Konami has launched a Facebook campaign for Silent Hill: Downpour, titled "Be Buried in Silent Hill!" The promotion invites fans to submit original concept art of creepy burial sculptures. The winning concepts will be rendered and put into the graveyard in Downpour.

BOOM video 7792

Konami stresses on its page and in the video (above) that this must be original art, not renditions of existing characters like Pyramid Head. To submit your own horrific nightmare, go to the Graveyard tab on Konami's Silent Hill Facebook page.

Konami will select six finalists and open them to public voting on February 10, thus avoiding the inevitable phallic submissions. The votes will close on February 16, and the three top candidates will be included in the final game.