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By Garnett Lee, Jan 24, 2011 5:00pm PST We started a 'Video Games of 2011 We Can't Wait to Play' series today with Xav's picks. Over the rest of the week each of us--Jeff, Alice, Steve, and I--will share with you some of the games we're chomping at the bit to play this year. We didn't set a list of games that had to be covered or anything like that for this. Each of us wrote about what we wanted to. So there's sure to be a game or two that you might think we're crazy for including or leaving out. That ought to make for some good comments at the very least.

Here's today's video game news from the Shack:

And only one strange thing I saw today on a very busy Monday:

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  • Shack Comic Book (Wo)Menz

    I'm trying to identify a horror comic I read in highschool and so far my google searches have been fruitless.

    Here's what I remember:
    - it came out no later than 1998
    - was probably a horror anthology series
    - was probably dark horse or some other not mainstream publisher since I remember it being rather gory
    The story:
    anti imperialist story about white men in the jungle/rain forest/amazon
    white men show up
    they fuck over the native tribe somehow
    the white men get some crazy disease as a punishment where they melt/rot/boil....or something.
    It may have been one story in a book among others but this is the one I remember.

    This ring any bells for anyone?