Weekend Confirmed Episode 44

By Garnett Lee, Jan 21, 2011 12:00pm PST Garnett took a quick trip earlier this week to New York for Nintendo's big press event unveiling the 3DS. Along with the pricing and launch info, he returns with detailed impressions of the upcoming hardware and hands-on impressions of several of the games. Jeff, Billy, and special guest Ryan Payton also get in plenty of questions, but there's more to the show than just the 3DS. Fluidity, LittleBIGPlanet 2, and 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors round out Whatcha' Been Playin? The Warning starts with what may become a regular feature of talking about favorite game endings before moving on to some excellent questions Ryan brought. And in the Front Page, December and Year-end sales figures for 2010 lead a full slate of news that concludes with a few thoughts on EA's ill-conceived "Your mom hates this game" marketing campaign for Dead Space 2.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 44 - 01/21/2011

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The Warning: 01:06:12 End: 01:37:32

Featured Music "1 Way Ticket" by Beat Bullys: 01:37:32 End: 01:41:00

The Front Page: Start: 01:41:00 End: 02:16:42

Tailgate Playoffs Wild Card Special: Start: 02:17:42 End: 02:30:09

The Featured Music segment presents "1 Way Ticket" by The Beat Bullys. They are a hip hop rap group based in Southern Califorina. Members BNews, Kree & Osama Bin Rappin were brought together creatively by Long Beach Native & Member of LBC Crew, Bad Azz! Their Debut Album, "Bully Music" is set to be released this year on up and coming Indie Label, Provocative Ent. "1way Ticket" is their newest single Produced by Prophit. Check out their Introduction Video on Youtube "Dedication" and follow on Twitter: BNews83 and itsjustkree

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  • Hi love the show took me awhile to realize Garnett had another podcast after he left 1up glad I found it really like the discussions. One quick thought before I go into my long comment, some of the 3ds skepticism really reminds me of the ipads initial negative feedabck. It's just a ds with 3d beterr graphics/ just a big iphone, expensive, doesn't doe this or that etc,etc. I still haven't found a reason to buy an ipad between my iphone and macbook but a lot of the discussion feels similar to me. To me I love portability and it makes sense that portables will start rival home console prices, it seems comparible to laptop prices vs desktops, for me personally I'll never go back to a big desktop setup and I hope future game consoles are more akin to portable labtops.

    Anyhow listening to Ryan's comment about shooter fatigue, and maybe combat fatigue got me thinking about a lot that bugs me with games now. I'm a professional storyboard artist for tv animation, I do some personal comic work when I can and my perspective on games is really shaped by my tastes as an artist. I love animation, comics and film but for most of those mediums I'm primarily into classics and older stuff not what's happening now. So games have become in a way my replacement for a lot of those loves. Ok on to the point.
    I completely agree with shooter fatigue, and I think it's really ties into my problem, Realistic visual fatigue. It bugs me that these machines are so powerful, can create fully realized worlds but every major story driven AAA title only wants to look as realistic as possible and also usually includes the same kind of shooting combat. For lack of better examples it seems strange that we don't have an awesome game that does something along the line of a Nightmare Before Christmas, or maybe even a slightly more realistic Incredibles or something like the world and characters of AKIRA, fully realized and brought to life in a gameworld. I'm tired of the creepy mannequins and simply running down corridors and shooting. I'm finally playing Mass Effect since it's come to ps3 and there's some awesome stuff but I REALLY hope there's another type action to do besides the nonstop monotonous shooting. That's what really kept me from getting into Bioshock, the redundant combat/shooting was too much. I think that's one of the great strengths of SHadow of the Colussus, the combats and encounters feel detailed and complex enough so you truly get a better sense of immersion. I know a lot of people hate "boss" fights but I think they are there because games haven't quite found the way to get in really close and let your character struggle with another character and actually give you control and have your character interact with environments or whatever the case maybe. The boss fight seems to try and give you that. I think I've gotten off subject but it would be great if enemy encounters could get to a point where they are almost as complex as a Street Fighter match, but still seemlessly fits into the games environment. I know most of what I'm talking about is still combat related but I think it's the characters interactive shortcomings that really help turn everything into a shooter. How awesome would a new Ducktales game be if your character could go anywhere in Duckburg, travel the world and really interact with characters and environments and in a complex and sophisticated way. sorry that was way too long