Star Trek Online and Champions Online Lifetime Subscription Sale Incoming

Ostensibly to celebrate the launch of Champions Online's free-to-play option next week, developer Cryptic Studios has announced it will be offering a 20% discount on lifetime subscriptions for the superhero MMO as well as for Star Trek Online.

Discounted, the lifetime subscriptions will each cost $239.99. The sale will start on January 25 at 6am Pacific then run until 10am on February 4.


This discount will briefly bring the price of a Star Trek Online lifetime subscription back in line with when it was first available as a pre-order offer. The Champions Online sub, however, will still cost $39.99 more than when it was first offered way back in 2009.

Champions Online's free-to-play launch is scheduled for January 25. The free 'Silver' accounts will suffer certain limitations, which is why someone, somewhere might still want to pay $240 to play the MMO for the rest of its life as a 'Gold' member. Cryptic has also contemplated the possibility of making Star Trek Online free-to-play. The model has been a success for Turbine and its own MMO The Lord of the Rings Online.