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By Garnett Lee, Jan 10, 2011 5:00pm PST The BCS Championship finally brings the NCAA football season to a close this evening. I get what they originally intended with spacing out the big game on the schedule, but this year the whole thing stretched out in an awkward way. Heck, we wound up without any good games to watch in the afternoon on New Year's Day, but still watching bowls the following weekend.

Regardless, it should be a good game. Ordinarily, I'd be inclined to take Auburn I think based on the strength of the SEC. Something about playing there makes a team tough. But I like this Oregon team. I think they have a shot at getting off to hot start, and not looking back. So yeah, I guess I'm calling it Ducks in a high scoring affair.

Everyone seems to be getting back to a more ordinary work week. Here's the top stories from today on the Shack:

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  • Shack I need some headphones. I need a pair that will work with my iphone/laptop and has a mic for phone calls on the iphone and that I can jog with. The problem is all the in-ear headphones I've tried HURT LIKE HELL. I feels like someone is taking a potato peeler to my ear canal after about 15 minutes it becomes so tender.

    The apple default headphones work great, no pain, I guess because they sit "down" and outside of my ear canal, but I can't find any good pairs with a similar fit, they all have this bubble end that wants to drill into my precious skull.

    I tried the Bose IE2 - pain
    just bought a pair of powerbeats - same pain