Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 07, 2011 5:00am PST The Internet, I am very excited about two video game things today.

Firstly, the Game Developers Conference 2011 schedule has revealed a Thief 4 panel about its generative music. "Developers should more enthusiastically embrace alternative music models to resolve ongoing issues with linearity and to create a musical aesthetic that pushes away from the shadow of film," says the panel description. I say obscene expressions of glee, unrepeatable in polite company.

It's a unique opportunity open to video games but very few dabble in it, probably as it's complex, difficult, untested and will go unnoticed by most. Me, I dream of ditching canned scores and having music which reacts to what I'm doing, my status, objects, the environment, my 'behaviour' and heaps of other factors. While Thief 4 is surely not doing that, it's a step in that general direction. I'll consider any old noise 'music,' though.

Secondly, Kane & Lynch 2's Shanghai is one of the most delightful video game cities I've seen in a long time. It's so busy with life and colour and movement and noise that I find it an absolute joy after so many tedious, grey and sterile urban environments.

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  • Kane and Lynch 2.......

    I also enjoy the atmosphere and think it's one of the best cities I've traversed in any game in recent memory. A lot of the atmosphere surely has to do with the sometimes nauseating camera, but it really pulls you down in there with them. So much detail everywhere, so many things to destroy, chip away at and break, and it runs perfectly. The game is brutal. I wish they didn't censor out the face shots and such, but it's amusing anyway. We're probably half way through and loving every second of it. The scene where you have to defend the limo on the bridge was ridiculously hard, we couldn't seem to find any decent cover and were completely surrounded (also playing on hard). Overall, a retarded good deal at 5 bucks!