Razer Unveils 'Switchblade' Concept Portable Gaming PC With Dynamic Keyboard

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 06, 2011 10:00am PST Peripheral manufacturer Razer has unveiled a concept design for a portable gaming PC called Switchblade, which boasts a touchscreen and a flash dynamic keyboard.

Switchblade is built upon an Intel Atom processor and packs a seven-inch multi-touch screen but the real star certainly is surely that pretty little keyboard, which Razer explains would reconfigure its layout and appearance "based on game content and user requirements."

While this is only a concept and will never be released as seen here, Razer notes that it "will be working with selected partners to design and launch products based off the Razer Switchblade concept design."

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  • This is a curious product.
    First off, it's essentially a Netbook with more power and half of an Optimus Keyboard.
    I also think 7" would be too small for most of the gaming I'd want to do on it. I have a 15" Macbook Pro and it's almost too small to use.
    Secondly, what about hardware upgrades? If this is marketed toward gamers, most of them want to upgrade over time. Can I swap parts out?
    I'd think that this is cost prohibitive for a long term solution for gaming.

    Lastly, Razer can eat a dick. I splurged on a Razer Mamba and the damned thing broke on it's own (with ZERO force from me) and they essentially refused to warranty it because I had no receipt, despite the fact I registered it the day I bought it.
    It took over two months of hassling them before they replaced it.
    So I have very little hopes of the build quality of this.

    Still, interesting concept.