Rock Band 3 Fender Pro Guitar Pre-Orders Open, Requires MIDI Adapter

By Brian Leahy, Jan 04, 2011 12:00pm PST Pre-orders for the Rock Band 3 Fender Squier Stratocaster full-sized, stringed PRO-mode guitar in the US exclusively through Best Buy. The guitar, which is a fully-functioning axe, will run you a cool $279.99 and is platform agnostic.

It will, however, require the MadCatz MIDI PRO-Adapter which will add another $39.99 to the price tag unless you already own one. Quite the monetary commitment, but if you're also committed to using Rock Band 3 to teach yourself how to play guitar, it's more affordable than lessons.

You can read our Rock Band 3 review, which includes impressions of the PRO Guitar functionality, using the MadCatz Fender Mustang PRO Guitar. The Fender Squier Stratocaster will begin shipping in March, though Best Buy is currently estimating shipping in early April.

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  • MadCatz has been tightening the screws on the release of the Midi Pro Adapter, it's been a nightmare to try and get one. Amazon has pushed out delivery to anything from late February to March after promising delivery early Jan. See the thread on Amazon for this MPA, it's crazy stuff!! MadCatz are almost impossible to contact (server error if you try and post a message) and I feel bad for their support line... We did manage to track down a Midi Pro Adapter at Best Buy at a store where they have music instruments, but take the SKU # with you to the store, as mostly they do not seem to know what it is if you ask. Have no idea why the peripherals embargo ensues and why MadCatz are doing this, it's hurt RB3 enough as it is already. All we ask is let us play the game with the peripherals we need. Scout around though at Best Buy, they seem to be trickling in slowly.

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    • According to MadCatz, Best Buy is the ONLY retailer to have received shipments of the Xbox360 version of the MIDI Pro Adapter. And as you noted, only those large locations with full musical instrument departments will carry the MPA. Don't rely on Best Buy's online inventory--it's completely inaccurate for this item.

      Any Best Buy store can also special order it for you. My local one out here in the boonies did that for me last weekend, and I just picked it up this afternoon. w00t! I'm going to use this one, but if I wanted to make a quick buck I could sell it on eBay. Only two have shown up recently; one last week sold for $85, and the other was over $100 the last time I checked the auction. Fuck!

      It should be noted that you can get the Wii and PS3 versions through Amazon and other retailers. In fact, the PS3 version was $29.99 the last time I checked

      The reason why they're trickling in so slower is apparently a Microsoft certification issue: MadCatz had to redo something to get the OK from Microsoft, which delayed the Xbox360 considerably. They're now in full production, but the Xbox MPA will be in short supply until they catch up with demand.