Fallout 'Demake' Website Used to Promote the Fallout Franchise to Japanese Gamers

BOOM widget 347336 A promotional site for Fallout: New Vegas in Japan has taken the modern role-playing title into a classic and given us a taste of what the adventure would look like in a classic, 8-bit style [via Bethesda's Official Blog].

Used as a promotional tool for the series in Japan, the Fallout "Demake" website focuses on explaining the gameplay style of "Freestyle RPG" titles. The "Fallout Quest" mini-flash game gives players a taste of what it means to get "into the world of Fallout" and pushes Japanese gamers to try the Fallout series for a different kind of role-playing adventure.

While the site features very little gameplay--instead acting as a fancy menu for the site's information--it attempts to use the classic style to entice gamers in the region to give the Western-developed role-playing title a fair shake. It also makes us wish someone would develop a real version of the game immediately, so long as they promise to rigorously bug test it before launch.

Fallout: New Vegas released in Japan this past November.