Pokemon Black and White Coming to NA on March 6

By Xav de Matos, Dec 27, 2010 7:00am PST Nintendo's famous Pocket Monsters are finally bringing their eternal struggle of adorableness to North America, with the release of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White on March 6, 2011, the publisher revealed.

The two versions of the Nintendo DS title will feature different locations, creatures, and seasons. Unlike other games in the series, the two versions the latest Pokémon entry will feature different locations. According to Nintendo, Pokémon Black features "a unique metropolitan area called Black City," while Pokémon White will have Poké Trainers explore "a lush, green area named White Forest."

Both versions also include seasonal changes. Select Pokémon will be easier to come across during certain times of year and areas within the game will be become blocked or accessible based on the game world's season. Both Black and White versions launched in Japan in mid-September 2010.

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    • Sorry, I needed to test :(

      So I went to the post office last week and picked up a package. I was going to meet a buddy up north so after I picked it up, I started heading out. As I was driving, my car suddenly died on a dirt road with no life in sight. I cursed myself for taking this route, but I figured the shortcut would’ve been worth it. I picked up my phone and started dialing AAA, but it died the moment someone picked up on the other end. Damnit. Given that I was in Wisconsin, it got cold and dark quickly. With no cell phone, I knew I had to prepare for a long night. Seeing how I cleaned my car the week before, it was completely free of survival tools. All I had was this one box, so I opened it. Upon opening, the first thing I see is a note from fellow Shacker jimmy_legs:


      This heartwarming note raised my spirits, but it was getting cold, and I needed more than a note to survive the night. Looking through the contents, my stomach growled. I did not eat at all during the day since I planned on gorging myself on Taco Bell on the way up. Just when I thought about suicide, I spotted a few items:


      The first item I looked at was a can Preserved Vegetables, from China! I love vegetables. What kind of vegetables? Well the ingredients listed Mustard Tuber, Chili powder, and Salt. Yummy! That must make lettuce or something. I examined another item:


      Must’ve been some space age food I thought, so I opened it:


      Cookies! Yay! This will surely provide me with a lot of calories to get me through the night. I just needed something to drink, and the box provided it for me:


      Draft style root beer flavor extract! Amazing. However, I was confused. How do I combine all this together to optimize flavor and texture? I went back to the box, and pulled out this:


      The One Pan Gourmet book! Exactly what I needed. I flipped through it and found the “Vegetable Cookie Root Beer Stew” recipe that only required only required Chinese preserved vegetables, cookies, and draft style root beer flavored extract. It sounded delicious, but I had no way to open the can. Back into the magic box I went:


      A giant hunting knife! Awesome! I carefully cut the can open and smelled those fresh preserved vegetables. As much as I wanted to eat it by itself, I knew adding the other ingredients would make it right. However, I needed some kind of bowl for this. Then a sparkle greeted my eye:


      A stainless steel coffee filter! Perfect. I combined all the ingredients and ate it all up. By the end of it, I was stuffed. Way better than what Taco Bell could’ve provided me. I sat there in my car, and stared up at the sky. The stars looked beautiful, until some asshole with a flashlight came by and pointed it at my face. Dazed, and possibly hallucinating from the Chinese preserved vegetables, I looked up and saw an angel. She said come with me, I need your help. I complied, and grabbed the box which still contained a few items. On the way there, I was definitely hallucinating, but the angel kept me on the right path. Eventually, we reached a house, and I was starting to feel sober at this point. The angel slowly turned into a hot chick, and she led me to a room with a PC. Frustrated, she said, that her PC doesn’t display video anymore. I looked at it, saw that the video card was blown, and once again, looked in the box:


      I took out a Matrox G450 video card and installed it for her. I turned it on and it powered up without issue. I then noticed one of her fans weren’t working. She asked me if there was anything I could do and so I pulled this out:


      A small 60mm fan, but it did the job. She then complained that she had nothing to play. I smiled, reached into the box and grabbed something:


      Borderlands! She explained how much she wanted this, and how awesome it was to now have it. She was visibly excited at this point, and started to take off her clothes. I was caught completely off guard, but I liked where this was heading. As I started getting naked she said she would be right back. I stood there with a semi, and thought this couldn’t get any better. I decided to try my luck again with the box:


      Some 4711 cologne. Neat. I dabbed some on, and felt like a real man. Then she came out holding a ukulele and said to play it for her. This dropped my semi back down, since I had no idea how to play it. I reached in the box again for some instruction:


      Hoping to find some book on ukulele chords or something I ended up grabbing a box of incense. I told her I wanted to get in the mood, so I lit some up and took in the sweet smell of red cedar. With the mood set, I just needed to get some inspiration from the box:


      A book on ukulele chords! How convenient. Looking through I started playing the only song in the book, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. After I was done, she walked up to me, and said take me. Unprepared for the moment, I saw something sexual in the box and pulled this out:

      http://flickr.com/gp/59713059@N08/01F85c Very mild NWS maybe?

      Hell on Heels! This looked familiar, and a flashback of when I was 15 years old briefly appeared. I put in the movie, and she got all nice and comfortable. She pulled out her dildo and started going to town. However, she knew she knew right away that something was wrong. I asked her what, and she said that it’s lacking power. I looked at the box and there was a square shape:


      Does it take AA I ask? She smiled and said yes. With the dildo in full force, I thought it was time for action. However, I was to be denied again. She wanted a back rub. Having no idea how to give one, I tried my best, but I ended up hurting her and had to stop. With the mood killed it got quiet, except for the occasional moan of Jenna Jameson on the TV. With one last desperate move, I dug deep into the box. I felt around, and cupped some balls:


      A back massager! It turned on and applied it to her back. Immediately she started screaming and my semi was in full swing. After a few minutes, she said that was enough and that I should leave. Disappointed, I started putting my clothes back on and started to leave with the box and it’s remaining contents. She then tossed me some keys and told me to use her car to get back to town. I thanked her and drove off. While driving, I caught a glimpse of something useful from the box:


      This power adapter could’ve been useful a long time ago. I plugged in my phone and it started charging. Just when the adventure felt like it was over, a deer jumped in front of the car and it splattered all over the road. My phone smashed against the windshield and shattered into a million pieces. I got out of the car and surveyed the damage. I heard a rustle from the bushes and was suddenly ambushed by deer. I ran back into the car and had to think fast. I reached out with both hands and grabbed two things that fell out of the box:


      Improvising, I put on the Vikings hat, opened the door, and pretended that I was a deer. The deer, confused, saw the tiny bobblehead and mistook it for their own. They picked it up and ran off into the bushes. With a busted car, no phone, and little supplies, I was back at square 1. I looked around and saw some lights off in the distance. I went back to the car and picked up the box. I reached inside and felt two things. One was too small to be useful, so I put it in my pocket. The other, on the other hand, turned out to be pretty useful:


      Why, this scope is just what I needed to see long distances with! I focused it on the lights which turned out to be police officers. I placed the scope in the box and ran towards the light. When I got there, the cops explained that they just ended a shootout between them and that hot chick who gave me her car. As the investigators walked out with Hell on Heels in a plastic evidence bag, they asked if I knew her. I denied it and told them I needed a ride back to town. They gave me a ride on the condition that I gave them the scope. I gave it to them and on the way there, I explained my story to them. To which they gave me a drug test and arrested me for being on psychedelic drugs and lying about not having any relation to the hot chick. Several days later, I returned to my apartment with the now empty box, and remembered I had no keys. I went to my apartment’s office and they explained they’d let me in if I could slice a piece of gum perfectly in half. I pulled out the small item I put in my pocket before:


      Then cut it perfectly in half to their amazement. I let them have the item, leaving me with only an empty box. I then got drunk and wore the box on my head:


      The whole set:

      http://flickr.com/gp/59713059@N08/5gyxgG Very mild NWS

      Thanks jimmy_legs!