Weekend Confirmed Episode 40: Best of 2010 Awards

BOOM widget 126374 In the first of two holiday specials, the Weekend Confirmed crew reminisces on the best video games and industry trends of 2010. Shacknews editor Xav de Matos and fourth chair all-star Billy Berghammer join Garnett and Jeff in a spirited look back that more than fills the show. Taking next week's Shacknews Best of awards as a template, the conversations include favorites for their story and mulitplayer, best in their genre like role-playing and action adventure, and tops for their platform. And naturally it all culminates in the Game of the Year awards.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 40 - 12/24/2010

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Featured Music Del Rio's "Next Phase" Produced by Anon: 01:38:08 End: 01:41:52

Best of 2010 Part 4: Start: 01:41:52 End: 02:18:56

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