Steam Sale Goes to War With Discounts on Wings of Prey, the Mass Effect Series and More

Although the Shack staff is huddled around a campfire, regaling each other with stories of our video game exploits, we couldn't stop in to the office to remind our loyal readers of some great deals happening around the web.

Today, the Steam holiday sales rolls on, this time with sales on the Mass Effect series, Blur, and much more. Today's special bonus discount item is Dead Rising 2: users who own Resident Evil 5 on Steam will receive an additional 10% off--totaling 60% off the regular price.

This wave of sales end tomorrow at 1pm ET, so get while the getting is cheap.

Those who prefer to buy in bulk can grab publisher library bundle packs, including sets from 2K Games, THQ, Epic Games, Bethesda Softworks, Rockstar Games, Valve Software, and Square Enix/Eidos.