Dead Space 2 Trailer Recaps the Story So Far; Demo Available Now

Put away those history books because EA is recapping all of your favorite tales in video form. The latest trailer for Dead Space 2 revisits the events that have occurred to bring mankind face-to-face with the murderous necromorphs and the original game's quiet hero, Isaac Clarke.

Clarke returns in Dead Space 2; however, he's got a little more attitude and a lot more internal conflict, this time around. We're not sure how far the game's dev team, Visceral Games, is going with the personal drama theme but we sincerely hope one of Isaac's special moves isn't cowering in a corner and listening to Alexisonfire.

BOOM video 7494

Dead Space 2 arrives for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on January 25, 2011. As of yesterday, a demo for the single-player section of the game is available on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.