Natural Selection 2 Dev Offers 'Buy One, Get One Free' Promotion for a Limited Time

By Xav de Matos, Dec 21, 2010 1:30pm PST Indie developer Unknown Worlds has been inspired by the flurry of sales around the internet and has decided to get in on the action themselves.

"In light of all the awesome sales happening for games all over the net, we thought we should spread some holiday cheer too," the dev's official site says. From now until an undisclosed time, anyone who purchases a copy of the team's upcoming (and anticipated) first-person shooter Natural Selection 2 will receive a second copy for free.

Although there is no set date for the promotion, the Natural Selection 2 purchase site notes that there are only 10,000 holiday special packages available. If Natural Selection 2 is on your radar, this might be a good opportunity for you and a friend to split the cost.

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  • There are many reasons to wait before buying NS (new engine, many updates, my grandmother needs an operation, etc ,etc) but folks, these guys are what we as gamers scream about, Indi developers that don't have to make some suit happy by dumping cookie cutter (same as the other games) game play into thier game for marketing bozo's.

    Instead they are creating something unique and different. Games are compared to Natural Selection and not the other way around. If in the end I have wasted my money pre-ordering NS then so be it. But If I had one game to support it would be NS. BTW, I do not always agree with thier choices (believe me, i swear at them alot) and yet they still have my support.

    They will be forever remembered for: This place is a mess

    How true, oh how true.