Weekend Confirmed Episode 39: Holiday Party at the SModcastle

By Garnett Lee, Dec 17, 2010 12:00pm PST Get in the spirit with an epic Weekend Comfirmed holiday party recorded live at the SModcastle. A number of our good friends drop by for a turn on the mic including Geoff Keighley, Billy Berghammer, Patrick Klepek, and Christian Spicer. Garnett and Jeff anchor the show, with Brian still recovering from his bout with a bug. We also brought Shacknews' own Xav de Matos in for the fun. There's no shortage of video game topics to talk about either. Epic Mickey gets defended in the opening Whatcha' Been Playin? before attention turns to the flurry of games revealed at the VGAs. There's your comments and audience questions after that, a look back at 2010, and then forward into 2011--including a few bold predictions. All that, plus we've got music from Win Win Global's dj eMpTy and a fantastic stand-up set from Christian.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 39 - 12/17/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:27:00

Christian Spicer -- Stand-up Comedy: Start: 00:27:40 End: 00:37:00

The Warning: Start: 00:37:00 End: 01:07:30

2010 Review: Start: 01:09:30 End: 01:35:11

2011 Predictions: Start: 01:36:38 End: 02:08:17

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

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29 Threads* | 215 Comments

  • Ok, with family coming I may not have time to listen to the GOTY podcast and post in a timely manner, so I'm going to go ahead and critique the show ahead of time:

    First, what the hell were you guys thinking with your pick of GOTY? Many of the game mechanics are just poor retreads from other titles and I think you picked it just to set yourself aside from the rest of the gaming press while still not coloring too far out of the lines. Also, it's no surprise what system you picked the GOTY year for since you guys are such big fanboys and likely are secretly sponsored by the company.

    I agreed with your pick of best music and story because I picked the same ones but once again you screw it up completely for best console graphics and I think you are totally biased when it comes to the Wii, and I'm not going to say in what way you are biased because you know.

    Best action title? Seriously? Do I need to even say what's wrong with your pick? You know why it's wrong and if I have to tell you then that shows how wrong you were to pick it.

    Brian, all your picks were biased because you only love shooters and have never given any other titles a chance and the non-shooter titles you did heap praise on were because you didn't want to appear biased.

    Garnett, once again you champion some oddball titles that nobody else likes and then hate on some mainstream titles because you just love indie games and hate everything else that comes down the pipe. Then you play some mainstream games you haven't gotten too and then you love some of those. Pick a side already!

    Jeff, how the hell did you pick a board game as GOTY on a video game podcast? It's pretty clear now that you hate all electronic entertainment and want to thrust everyone back into the Dark Ages when we had to physically roll dice instead of having a cpu process all of our scripted interactions.

    Oh, and I liked that song Del Rio did were he sampled the things you said in the other podcast.

    Otherwise, it was a fantastic show, and I liked how it was unclear whether you had guests or not. Merry Christmas!

  • During the conversation about whether gamers should do more to bring light to and support promising but unpolished concepts in games, Geoff Keighley stated the point that you can't put the time and money into making a 7 game.

    I think that's a problem that's unique to our industry, and it needs to be addressed. Somewhere along the line, the gaming industry - fan and publisher alike - adopted this mentality that a game is either Awesome or it's shit. It's a 90 metacritic or it's shit. That means that a lot of games with great ideas but imperfect execution got crucified by fans and dropped by publishers.

    I remember as a kid, reading through EGM, and my friends and I would always make note of the games that got silver or bronze awards. 7s and 8s. These weren't the blockbusters or the GOTY candidates, but they were solid, sometimes niche games with interesting ideas and more good qualities than bad.

    You never hear about those games anymore. Fans are either hailing it as the second coming (usually the big, AAA, 9+ games) or they're on message boards contributing nothing but curse-filled diatribes about how bad or disappointing this game that scored a 7 is (VERY GOOD by most scales). And publishers are just as bad - if a game doesn't reach 90+, it's a fucking disaster. There's no middle-ground and that's ridiculous.

    I don't think people should buy any games they don't want just to support a promising concept, nor should publishers feel obliged to support a game they legitimately see no upside in. But we need to adjust our mentality that anything below a 9 is a disaster.

    If movies and books lived or died by the same 'it's amazing or it's shit' mantra, Avatar certainly wouldn't have become a phenomenon, nor would the Harry Potter books. There is a spectrum of quality, and decent, good, and very good are all still worth investigating for a lot of consumers. We should do more to push those titles at the fans that would appreciate them most, instead of simply damning them as out-and-out failures, regardless of taste.