Crytek Secures Chinese Publisher for Warface, Trailer Shows Pre-Alpha Gameplay

By Brian Leahy, Dec 14, 2010 2:00pm PST Crytek's awkwardly-named Warface, its new CryENGINE 3-powered free-to-play shooter for Asian markets, has secured a publisher for China. Tencent will publish the game in the country and introduce it to the market there, which should give the game a decent shot of becoming incredibly profitable for Crytek.

The game was originally announced for South Korea out of Crytek's Seoul office, but was always planned for operation in additional territories. Now, unless you live in that part of the world, you'll probably never play Warface, but you can look at this trailer comprised of pre-Alpha gameplay from the game.

It definitely has an oldschool Counter-Strike vibe for me. I guess us Westerners will have to settle for Crysis 2 and its multiplayer. Oh well!

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