4oD & ITV Player VOD Services Launch on PS3 in UK

BOOM widget 332387 Following in the footsteps of the BBC, UK television channels ITV and Channel 4 have brought their video-on-demand services to PlayStation 3. Sorry, this is only for the UK.

4oD and the ITV Player can be found by hooking your PS3 up to the cybernet, signing in then going to the TV section of the XMB, Sony explains on its PlayStation.Blog. Then, as if by vilest black magic, 'Hollyoaks' appears.

While Sony notes that they'll only show programs from the past thirty days, one would pray that 4oD offers the same hearty archive of classic Channel 4 shows that's available online, rather than only its present pap. PlayStation 3 owners out there in Britainland, how's it looking? As for ITV, well, there's always Harry Hill.