Monday Night Combat Headed to Steam in January

Combat hooligans who've been hoping that Uber Entertainment's Monday Night Combat would make the jump from Xbox Live Arcade to PC can now rejoice, as the multiplayer bloodsport will be released via Steam on January 17, 2011. Hiyooo!

Masquerading as a gladiatorial sport for the masses, MNC combines elements of Warcraft III mod 'DotA' with tower defense games and class-based shooters like Team Fortress 2. Two teams fight alongside AI-controlled robots to invade the other's base and smash their 'moneyball.' There's also a survival mode with co-op support.

The PC version boasts "spit-shined graphics," dedicated server support, Steamworks achievements and, coming in January, an editor and "new content".

Monday Night Combat can be pre-ordered now for $13.49, discounted from $14.99, which will also net you access to a beta period running from December 16 till launch.

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