Microsoft Confirms Kinect and Top Gear for Forza 4, Stresses "Controller-Based" Racing

After its announcement at the Spike VGAs, details were light for Microsoft and Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 4 besides its release window of fall 2011. Today, the publisher has confirmed that it will, in fact, use Kinect.


While no mention has been made of the Kinect-based driving we tried at E3 2010, the game will definitely include the Kinect-based car exploration mode, which allows the player to move around car models, read up on stats and statistics, and sit in the driver's seat. While Microsoft would likely tell you the experience let's you "step through the TV screen" it isn't quite that realistic. It is, however, quite enjoyable and does gain something through Kinect.

Top Gear will also lend content to the game, but it's looking like it will unfortunately be from History Channel's American version of the show featuring Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara. While content based on the superior UK show was featured as pack-in DLC for the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Edition, it seems like Jeremy, James, Richard and The Stig might not be along on this drive.

Finally, Microsoft claims the game will be "the most expansive and vividly realistic automotive experience across any console, bringing you closer to the edge than you've ever been before," and "the engaging controller-based experience will let you take on the bone-jarring physics, unparalleled levels of customization, and rosters of dream cars and tracks."

Shacknews contacted Microsoft about the Kinect driving tech demo from E3 and to determine if the Top Gear content will be from exclusively from the US show, and was provided with the following two statements, which do not offer any real clarification.


We showcased a Kinect-enabled project from Turn 10 Studios at E3 2010, which let players explore and experience their dream cars like never before. That tech demo demonstrated some of the experiences possible with Kinect and Forza. "Forza Motorsport 4" brings together genre-defining, controller-based racing and the power and freedom of Kinect to create an automotive experience unlike anything before it.

Top Gear

Microsoft's acclaimed Turn 10 Studios and the BBC's world renowned "Top Gear" have entered a long term, multi-year collaboration which will integrate both companies' franchises at a product level and at a promotional level. Though we cannot share future details of the project just yet, suffice it to say we believe the collaboration is going to yield exciting content and experiences for auto enthusiasts and gamers alike.