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By Xav de Matos, Dec 13, 2010 5:00am PST The Spike VGAs have come and gone, leaving behind a bucket of game reveals. Some of the reveals were known to us, like the third game in the Mass Effect trilogy. Some of the reveals were confusing, like is Forza 4 the same Forza with Kinect features revealed at E3 2010 or is this a second, new Forza title? Some were a little hard to get excited about, like a 2013 release date for THQ and Guillermo del Toro's horror-title collaboration.

I hesitate to call The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a "surprise," since a new entry in the series was expected; however, I kind of turned into a blubbering mess when I saw Todd Howard take the stage. As a big Elder Scrolls nerd, I can't wait to see what Bethesda has in store for the franchise.

Considering all the trailers featured during the 2010 Spike VGAs, which was your favorite? Have these reveals changed your "Anticipated for 2011" list?

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    Additionally, is there one that just lets me add a data connection switch/widget to the desktop to just turn the darn thing off without navigating into the Settings menu? I have one that lets me turn off background data, but not straight up data. Odd.

    The switch one is for me, but the screen one is for someone else.

    Searching Market is hit and (mostly) miss, and there's alot of noise with a flat google search.