Steam Treasure Hunt Updated with New Quests, Sales

The second wave of quests in the "Great Steam Treasure Hunt" kicked off today, featuring four new objectives. Additionally, two of the titles featured in the new quests have been discounted on Steam. This week's quests include:

  • Friends with Benefits
    Have 10 friends on your friends list
  • What Happens in Vegas
    Get the "Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal" Achievement in Fallout: New Vegas
  • Terminal Velocity - 75% off AaAaAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
    Set a leaderbord score of at least 22,600 on the level 'Mash Face Against Mountain' in AaAaAA!!!
  • Go To Your Happy Place - 50% off The UnderGarden
    Play the demo or game The UnderGarden

The promotion combines a meta-game with the chance of winning a slew of prizes from Valve's digital distribution platform. Each completed quest gives players a additional entry into drawings, with one lucky winner receiving the "Ultimate Treasure Chest"--which nets the winner 100 free games of their choosing. The current quests will expire at the end of the day tomorrow.

Unrelated, but notable, Steam is offering a mid-week sale on the indie title Eets and the villanous strategy sim Evil Genius. Eets is currently available for discounted to $2.50 (down 75% from $9.99) with Evil Genius seeing the same reduction ($2.50, down 75% from $9.99).