Dead Space 2 Demo Hitting Xbox 360, PS3 Later This Month

A downloadable demo of Dead Space 2 will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on December 21, EA has announced, just in time for Christmas. It seems that, once again, PC gamers get the cold shoulder and coal in our stockings.

The single-player demo is set in the Church of Unitology, an area seen in the E3 trailer. There, engineer-cum-supersoldier Isaac Clarke will get to mutilate the Necromorphs using his news toys, which include the javelin gun, a fashionable suit with jets for your zero-gravity comfort and convenience, and tarted-up stasis and telekinesis powers.


"The holidays are a great time to enjoy all forms of entertainment, and we can't wait to give horror and action adventure gamers a taste of what awaits them in Dead Space 2," said Dead Space franchise executive producer Steve Papoutsis in the announcement. "It's gonna be awesome," he added sagely. As the saying goes, it's not Christmas until a misshapen fleshy monstrosity pukes in your face. Love you too, granddad.

Dead Space 2 will launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 25, 2011.