Sony Crams PS2 into 720p Bravia TV in UK

If your PlayStation 3 doesn't support PS2 backwards compatibility and you live in the UK, you now have the option of purchasing a new Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 LCD 720p TV... which has a PlayStation 2 built into its base (via Engadget).

The set will run you around 200 pounds (around $300), but also includes 4 HDMI ports for actual HD content should you decide to connect something a little bit more modern than a PlayStation 2. Fun fact, the TV will also play DVDs out of the box through the PS2 component.

I wonder how the stretched out PS2 games look on this device. If you aren't in the UK, don't get all import happy if this is right up your alley unless you also plan on buying a bunch of PAL games.