Weekend Confirmed Episode 36: Thanksgiving Holiday Special

By Garnett Lee, Nov 25, 2010 1:00pm PST

Garnett, Brian, and Jeff gather round the studio with Del Rio and Brooklyn in the booth for this Thanksgiving Day special edition of Weekend Confirmed. Along with a little eggnog for holiday spirit, Whatcha' Been Playin? gets the festivities started with a closer look at Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Donkey Kong Country Returns, and then the upcoming Noble maps for Halo:Reach. The Front Page takes the holiday week off. In its place, the rest of the show includes favorite holiday memories, what games come out with the family at the holidays, and your comments on some of the best topics over the past few weeks. And if you're gearing up for gift shopping or already in the thick of it you won't want to miss the final segment which covers some of the best deals and videogame gift ideas.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 36 - 11/25/2010

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Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:30:25

Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:31:30 End: 01:00:23

The Warning: Start: 01:01:33 End: 01:29:02

Music Break featuring "Back": 01:29:02 End: 01:32:20

Holiday Specials: Start: 01:32:20 End: 02:03:58

NFL 'Tailgate': Start: 02:04:56 End: 02:14:36

Music Break this week features "Back" by Ivan Ives. Ivan Ives is a new breed of rapper. Mixing golden-era style beats with synthesizers and innovative song concepts with a skin-tight flow, he brings his truth to the mic with fervor and precision.

Originally splashing onto the scene in late 2007, Ives has manifested a name for himself by garnering multitudes of press and guest appearances. Rolling Stone named him one of the next 40 artists to watch. SPIN named him one of 8 artists you should know about. URB put him in their coveted Next 1000 and CMJ gave him in an artist spotlight. XXL/Scratch said, "don't let his indie rocker persona fool you—this guy can spit." The list goes on. Ives' global clout is further solidified by the co-signers on many of his tracks: The Cool Kids, Black Milk, Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), Percee P, Oh No, Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), O.C. (DITC), 2Mex (Visionaries), Vast Aire (Can Ox), and Fresh The Hitman—his main producer.

Ives' facility with his chosen musical form should come as no surprise considering his immersion over the years in the Wu-Tang Clan, D.I.T.C., and Big L. His professed influences are so inclusive, however, that they extend from the Delfonics, Kraftwerk, and Jefferson Starship to Arvo Part, Bela Bartok, and Sergei Rachmaninoff. The last one is a clue to what IS surprising about Ives‐he was born in Russia. But you'd never know it from listening to his records (or conversing with him); he sounds like a native of Los Angeles, where he's lived most of his life.

For more, check out the official Ivan Ives website and his "All My Life" video.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

Jeff can also be seen on The Totally Rad Show. They've gone daily so there's a new segment to watch every day of the week!

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47 Threads* | 205 Comments

  • So now that GT5 is out, I have some things I wanted your opinions on.

    As I understand it, GT5 was treated like a joke within the gaming media, not because of the content (and as shown with Prologue, was very impressive), but because of the game being practically ready years before, and that the rest of the time was spent either adding more cars, more polish, and the dynamic weather system. Now for the latter, I can understand since it would seem to add an extra element to the core physics of the game. But for the cars itself, I see that as being superfluous as that is something that could be done as DLC packs.

    It seemed that the interest wasn't that great, up until the announcement of a set release date.

    But now that the game is out, and some of the sales numbers are out, the reviews have come in, and in general seem to be quite positive about the game, but feel that some of the core mechanics while solid, are no longer trailblazing, but otherwise a great fan service.

    However venturing into some forums, there seems to be some angry fans fuming over the 'lack of promotion' for GT5 beyond the game reviews. I personally think that a good review serves as good promotion, but apparently they want more. Of particular note is the anger that comes when it gets compared to Forza 3.

    G4tv in my opinion have probably done quite a bit of GT5 featurettes doing video comparisons with Forza 3 and allowing the fans to view for themselves how they compare. There seemed to have been paranoid views that claim the videos are deliberately done to discredit GT5. There also seems to be this paranoid notion that continues on that them and some other gaming media are out against GT5, and want them to fail (and then further accusation of XBox 360 bias).

    It's one thing showing previews for particular games, but post release promotion makes you lose that sense of journalistic integrity as you are no longer considered objective. Its also one thing to have a personal preference with regards to games and systems, but to promote in the name of the media outlet is absurd.


  • Has anybody seen this?


    I thought it was interesting. Yes it's marketing, and yes, there's a 99% chance we were going to get these cars for free anyway, but I thought this was a pretty cute, intelligent way to leverage DLC.

    Instead of just charging $5 or whatever for the new cars, EA is saying 'if you help us make hay and spread our brand through social networks, we'll give you more content.'

    They can rationalize that the extra exposure their trailer gets from pushing up their Youtube search results and getting their video pushed on Facebook pages will result in increased game sales (and the trailer does feature a TON of accolades), so they can monetize the extra content without directly charging for it.

    Would you like to see more companies taking this approach? Get gamers to spread the word and help game sales and they (as a whole) get more content as a reward?

  • After listening to the trophies discussion, I want to know how many people on shack actually care about gamerscore and/or trophies? How many people actually try to beat friends scores, or constantly check to see their own score?

    I also find it odd that people would think that because they have a higher gamerscore, they are some how better than their friends.

    Now what I would love instead of some arbitrary number, is a built in leaderboards to PSN and Live.
    Where I can go and see my entire CoD career of kills, deaths, melee kills, etc. and get a overall number based on how well I've played but instead of it being inside the game, its on the XMB/Dashboard.

  • I was fortunate enough to try Kinect the other day for the first time. My younger cousin had recently bought the bundle and brought it over for my Mum, aunty, him and myself to try. We only had to play 1 game of River Rush on Kinect Adventures and we were all jumping up off the couch eager to have our turn. I bought the red 25th anniversary Wii a few weeks back hoping to get my family involved, but they're still turned off by the idea of the Wiimote.
    I must say the first time I navigated the Kinect Hub with my hand was a magical moment; I loved it. Would I use it everyday to boot up every game? No. But once I was playing Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and in the mindset of the controller-free experience, I didn't want to use a controller to navigate the menus. Using my hands and feet to navigate the game was very natural.
    I'll be getting Kinect for Christmas. It, Rock Band 3 and Lips will be the games the family will be gathered around on the night of the 25th :)

  • Good show all around and a nice bonus to see it up so soon after the last one.

    On gift cards:

    Maybe it was the alcohol, but I'm not sure why Garnett is so skeptical about giving gift cards because people may not use them.

    Companies are actually screwed if you buy or receive a gift card and it isn't redeemed since they can't report the revenue until it's actually spent which is why many companies were charging "service charges" or similar fees to slowly reduce the value of the card and report that income. (Legislation has been passed to protect consumers from these predatory fees but it's understandable why stores have to figure out a way to have these purchases register.)

    Stores typically run big sales after big gift-card holidays to get consumers to take them out of their wallets so they can show increased quarterly earnings which affect their stock prices/profitability and reduce stock as they move into January which is when they try to clear out all their merchandise for the dreaded January inventory season.

  • I rally enjoyed kameo it was very fun and interesting one of my favorite parts of that game is when you first leave the city and theres a huge war going on that you can help with and that there are people fighting on your side but unlike other games the AI one both sides is pretty much equal so the random blue dudes that just apear are very useful i wish they would make a sequal
    as for the sunshine discussiob i would have to disagree Yes it was very fun and different from other marios but it wasnt at all difficult. I took one weekend to replay it after i had beat it twice and i am only missing 7 stars now and only one of which isnt a blue coin star but i know exactly where iot is(i didnt use a guide)
    I also really enjoyed wind waker It was my first zelda game and the first game i beat all on my own. Twilight princess was absoloutly amazing it was the perfect launch title for the wii it had simple controls and fun gamplay i loved how they changed the graphics and they finaly made the bow easy to use at long distances(even without the scope which is so awsome by thr way)