Gran Turismo 5 Release Discussion, Launch Trailer

By Garnett Lee, Nov 24, 2010 12:30pm PST As the official PlayStation Blog reminds us, it's been five years in the making, but Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) finally made its official debut today. Many of you will be picking it up and probably have a few things to say about whether or not all that time was put to good use. We offer you this dedicated thread to discuss the high, lows, and all the rest of your impressions from Gran Turismo 5.

Our GT5 review will be little while, though. Our review copy only arrived yesterday. That allowed just enough time to get it installed before the holiday break. For a game that's had so much go into it, and presents such a wide swath of content, we're going to give it a thorough playing before weighing in. In the meantime, here's the GT5 launch trailer which includes several new scenes of racing action in everything from sexy exotics to go-karts.

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  • first impressions of GT5
    my stance ranges from neutral to positive in the following write-up (in reply)

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    • - installation
      i inserted the Blu-ray game disc into a PS3 slim (250GB) and was prompted to download game patch v1.01. since my Internet connection is clocked at 14Mbps average the download plus install took about two (2) minutes. the 8GB game install started shortly thereafer. the progress bar and the stated approximate time to complete didn't quite match so the actual time of installation was approximately forty-six (46) minutes.

      - post installation
      after i pressed OK the game seemed to pause with no indication what to do next. after a fifteen second wait (and a button press on the controller) a message popped up to reveal connection to the GT online play servers could not be established. after screen position calibration and a system file creation message, the opening cinemtic was shown.

      - opening cinematic with linear PCM 7.1 audio ... sweet! :)
      although not my favourite of the franchise it does serve its purpose well enough. i prefer the Japanese intro to GT5 over the US/EU versions. GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi reportedly cut (i.e., directed and edited) the Japanese intro. the US/EU versions were created by the localisation teams in each respective region. here's a link to the Japanese cinematic the first 3 minutes and 25 seconds are the same between the Japanese and the US/EU versions. the music track in the Japanese version is Knight's Song (GENERATION 3), a rearranged version of Moon Over The Castle by Masahiro Andoh.

      - user interface; inital screen
      along the bottom are seven (7) icons: GT Mode, Arcade Mode, Course Maker, Gran Turismo TV, Manual, Options and Save. the Options menus have all the standard things you expect (arcade laps, HUD details, demo settings, audio, video, button assignments and steering controls). for audio you can hoose the background audio track from your library of MP3s sitting on your PS3 hard drive. speaker layout support ranges from 2 channel stereo to 7.1 channel surround. default display settings are 1080p at 60Hz. i don't have a 3D capable display so i couldn't expore those options. if you have a PlayStaion Eye, there's also a menu to calibrate the device for head tracking; nice! and, finally, there's a general utility functions like network setting, file management and importing cars from the Gran Turismo Portable game. there were times cursor doesn't appear on the initial screen; wait a few seconds and it'll eventually show up ;)

      - Arcade Mode (first race!)
      four options are shown here: single race, time trial, drift trial and two-player split screen display. i chose single race, beginner level. track selection came next and it's rather robust: 23 original tracks, 21 world circuits, 17 city tracks and 16 dirt / snow tracks and zero (0) user-created tracks. i opted for the Nurburgring GP/F world circuit with a course length of 5.1km. car selection was next and i chose the Nissan Calsonic Impul GT-R '08 (with default driving options). there are three (3) cameras available during gameplay for this premium car. i swapped between all three during and i loved the robustness of the audio that thundered from my home theatre system. i only ran two laps so i didn't test the AI all that much. although the visuals were crisp and vibrant, the shadows cast by the cars were aliased and sometimes didn't actually match the contour of the car(s). i cannot comment, with authority, on the handling / physics because i have never driven a modded GT-R. the replay was quite fun to watch.

      - Course Maker
      there are seven themes (locations, essentially) from which to create courses; perhaps more will be available in the form of DLC oneday. i chose the Alaska theme (snow rally course) with a default length of 4.4km, elevation change of 110 metres and eleven turns. global settings for the entire course includes selectable weather (sunny and snow) and time of day can range from 06:00 to 18:00. the course shown was built with four sections although you can change the range from two sections to seven sections. for each section you can edit it's complexity, road width and sharpness of turns. management of user-created courses is pretty easy. you can sort of date, name, theme and course length plus assign favourites.

      - Gran Tursimo TV
      setup of the system files took less than one minute (likely a sync with the PlayStation Store) . as of November 24 2010 at 17:30EST there were five instances of video content; two available for download and three in streaming format only. expect much more content in the coming weeks and months.

      overall, i enjoyed the first hour exploring what Gran Turismo 5 has to offer. hopefully soon i'll be diving into GT Mode (the main feature of GT5).