3DMark 11 Gets Release Date, New Screens and Trailer

Futuremark has announced that its benchmark test 3DMark 11 will be released on November 30, celebrating with new screenshots showing off its DirectX 11 features as well as a trailer revealing recent improvements to the two tests already revealed.

3DMark 11 will tap DirectX 11 for effects including tessellation, volumetric lighting and depth-of-field, on display in these 'before and after' comparison screenshots.


In addition to the $19.95 'Advanced' edition, available to pre-order now, there'll be a free 'Basic' version fixed at 720p resolution, with fewer options and only able to store one result online--putting a serious crimp in your "mine's better than yours" boasting.

If you were impressed by 3DMark 11's Deep Sea and High Temple tests when they were unveiled, you'll also want to check out the trailer below showing how they've been improved since then. High Temple has scored wildlife, animated foliage and lighting changes while Deep Sea has picked up particle effects in the water.

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