Lord of the Rings Expanding With 'Rise of Isengard' in Fall 2011

As we learned at GDC Online, Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) doubled its revenue with its move to a free to play model in September. Its new lease on life continues to gain steam today with the announcement of a new expansion to the game world. 'Rise of Isengard' will expand the realm eastward into Isengard. Pricing was not announced but players will have to purchase the content from the LOTRO store when it arrives in the fall of 2011.

The expansion includes the requisite level cap increase, allowing players to move up to level 70. Those familiar with the story know to expect the conflict with the wizard Saruman and his forces to take center stage in this chapter, and that comes complete with the legendary tower of Orthanc showing up in the game. LOTRO's monster play system—where players become the monsters squared off against the heroes—will also get an overhaul. This will include a new area to play the mode in, new skills and advancements, and an opening of the mode to all players. Here's a first look at all the goods in the 'Rise of Isengard' announcement trailer.

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