Trials HD 'Big Thrills' DLC Coming Dec. 1; RedLynx Gives Away Trials Legends PC Bundle for Free

Those bike-loving, bone-hating folks at RedLynx have announced its new DLC pack for Trials HD will launch on December 1. The "Big Thrills" DLC will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400MS Points ($5).

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Additionally, on the Finnish-dev's official Facebook page, gamers can get their hands on a free, complete PC bundle of the original Trials titles dubbed Trials Legends [via Joystiq]. To get the bundle, all you have to do is give the team a "Like" on the Trials Legends Facebook page and the download link will magically appear. (We think all coding is based on magics.)

RedLynx has also open a new Trials Legends-specific forum on its website for players to discuss strategies and share tracks.

We should also mention that you shouldn't try any of these Trials stunts at home. Unless you're totally awesome. No, seriously. Don't do it.