R.U.S.E. Going Nuke-Happy in Free DLC

BOOM widget 139174 R.U.S.E. players will get to experience the fun and frivolity of the nuclear arms race in December when the free downloadable content 'The Manhattan Project Pack' launches for Eugen Systems' strategy game, publisher Ubisoft announced today.

The Manhattan Project will add three new multiplayer maps, 'Twilight of the Gods' and 'Vesuvio' for 2v2 and 'Guns and Tulips' for 3v3. Perhaps more exciting though, are its two new multiplayer modes.

Inspiring the DLC's name, 'Nuclear War' mode will have "all prototypes, factories and upgrades" unlocked from the get-go to encourage "spectacular battles." This includes nuclear cannons. Oh yes indeed, my friend. In 'Total War' mode, meanwhile, "You'll start in year 1939 with all the units and the technology of that time... then unlock 1942 units and 1945 units step by step." Just like real history!

Ubisoft promises to confirm an exact release date for the Manhattan Project DLC "soon."

Of course, back in my day we'd simply call this sort of thing a "patch" and expect enough change to ride the tram back home and a beef hash sandwich t'boot! I don't know, these strange video games of today... stay away from my bins!